The Islamic development Bank does the arraignment of Kurbani by the approval of the Saudi government. If the Hajis wish then they may appoint the Islamic bank on their behalf so as to perform Kurbani. For this it is required to give 400 Saudi Riyal at any branch of 'Al-Harij Company Baraye Sharafa-v-Tijarat'. In this way your requirement Kurbani may become easy by obtaining a coupon from them and if more information on this is required then you may contact our Ahmedabad branch.



The persons that are suffering from T.B. shall not be part of the tour and in the same way the persons suffering from Cancer, Blood Pressure and AIDS shall take part.

too weak, handicap and too old persons who are not able walk and roam freeing shall not be able to take part in this tour. Such Hajis are requested not to take part in our tour and in the same way the heart patients shall also not be allowed to be part of the tour.

ladies that are five months pregnant shall not allowed to take part in the tour.

Rules of the Reserve Bank of India and Foreign Exchange:!


In the year 2010 budget the finance minister has ended the concept of foreign travel and from that time onwards the 'Basic Travel quota' has been
made for the persons travelling abroad. Under this it is fixed that the person going foreign shall be given US $ 5,000/- as foreign exchange. This
scheme is implemented from 01/03/2004 and any person who shall be doing foreign travel from 1st January to 31st December shall be given US
$ 5,000/- as foreign exchange. Thus the persons that are willing to take part in our tour shall have to pay the Muslim tours and Travels by the above
stated amount in foreign exchange from the fixed quota that they receive. This exchange amount is fixed ticket charges. We shall pay the
expenses incurred in foreign from this foreign exchange amount. The rest of the amount of exchange may be utilized by the travels in their own
personal use or shopping.

Special Notice:!


it is a request to note that our tour is not related to the central Haj committee or any other State haj committee. No laws of central and state Haj committee are applicable on us and the Haj pilgrims that join us do not get the benefits that are obtained by the pilgrims going through the central or the state Haj committee. The persons that join us should not compare themselves with the persons joining this Haj committees. The laws that are applicable on them are not applicable on the once that accompany us. We have our own rules and you may read and understand them. This clarification is required as the once going with us compare themselves with the once that go in the Haj committee and thus it is required to state that the laws are different in both. For example the government of India gives heavy subsidies in Air tariffs to the once who go in the haj committees. No such subsidy is provided to the once that accompany us. This is just an example so that you may understand the entire situation.