It is right of the MUSLIM TOURS AND TRAVELS to let any person be a part of the tour or not and it also has the right to accept or reject the proposal of any person without any sort of reasoning.

Warning, Right and Duty!

Muslim tours and Travels has the right at any time i.e. before the tour or during the tour, to change the schedule of the tour without any prior notice.

The above mentioned charges are fixed while taking into consideration the approximate charges of air lines company, charges for Haj fixed by the Saudi Government, Forex Exchange rate and the present rate of petrol. In case if before 05/04/2010 the charges are increased by Saudi government or air craft company then our tour shall have the right to increase the charges and it is the duty of the pilgrim to pay the said increase.

If the owner, any staff member, representative or Haj pilgrim goes missing from transport company or air lines or due to any accident, hurt, bad weather, rain, earth quake, sickness, fight, or any other reason which is not in the hands of the Muslim tours and Travels and due to this if any delay is created and if due to this any further expense is incurred then Muslim Tours and Travels would not be responsible for the same.

Muslim tours and travels state that the entire management of stay, food and other facilities has been done as an agent and it has been tried to take care of total facilities of the hajis. All the details as stated in the sub clause G show the entire details for which no suit can be filed. The Muslim tours and travel shall not be legally liable. It is the most important condition of this tour and thus it be noted entirely.

on entering the Saudi Arabia none of the Haji shall be allowed leave the tour. In all conditions the pilgrim shall have to return to India with the tour.

all the persons that join the tour shall abide by the rules and laws of Government of India, Reserve Bank of India, Air line company and that particular country. If the pilgrim breaks any rule or law then he shall be liable for the same. Muslim tours and Travels shall not be liable for the same.