Muslim tours and Travels shall provide food to the Haji on the below mentioned conditions:


1) The food shall be supplied by the rules of the airlines company during the air travel.

2) During the stay at Saudi Arabia other then three specific times Muslim tours and Travel shall provide food from its canteen and the same would have the taste of eastern India, western India, Guajarati, Kokani, Maharashtrian, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

3) The food would be Indian and simple and would include Nasta, lunch and dinner. This shall be given to each traveler. The food shall be prepared by an Indian cook. The food shall include meat, chicken, eggs, Tandori, rice, Dal, vegetable, butter, bread, jam, jelly and tea coffee being different food at each time and the same shall be served by the staff members at the room of each haji.

4) It would be the duty of each Haji to come and eat his food at perfect time in his room. In case if the food is already served and you are late then you may come in the canteen and eat the same.

5) The food shall be served to you in plate and utensil. You many eat as much as you wish. There is no limited on food and it is desirous that you have your own plate, spoon, mug, etc.

6) All the hajis shall get same kind of food at Iraq. At Iraq it is thought to get food items due to economical situation. If you are unable to get food of your choice at Iraq then you may please pardon us.

The Hajis shall be provided food at the hotel's dining room itself at Kahira, Amman, Damaskash and Jerusalam and the menu shall be that of the hotel.

Food at The Time Of Haj!

The food during the time of Haj is provided at Arafat by 'Muvassa south east' and the same shall be provided in the year 2011 Haj also. The food shall be made at Makka Muajama at the time of halt at Mina and the same shall be served there. Cooking is prohibited at Mina. Since the Haj 1998 the food is prepared at Makka Muajama and the same is distributed at Mina. Please forgive us if due to traffic and rush food gets late at Mina.

Times Stipulated For Food Consumption!

Morning Breakfast Between 6 to 8o'clock Morning
Lunch ( After noon Meal) Between 11.30 to 2.00 o'clock noon.
Dinner(Evenin Meal) Between 7.30 evening to 9.00 0'clock night.

Please note that at our tour the food that is fresh and simple is served so that it gets digested fast. We are not supplied with chicken and thus it is also required that the health remains fit so as to perform more Ibadat. Each Friday the food shall be Biryani and Zarda. Please carry a plate, spoon, bowl and mug along with you.

Prescribed Food for the Sick!

For the sick pilgrims who are prescribed specific food by the medical officers of the Muslim Tours and Travels shall be given the food specified by the doctor. If some pilgrim wants to eat specific food due to illness then he may inform the Canteen Manager from first. The Manager of canteen shall arrange for such specific food as stated by the doctor. It is advised to the Hajis that they should use more water and salt.