The Below Mentioned Expenses Are Include In the Ticket Expenses:


1) Economy class excursion fare from Mumbai/Delhi to Aman and from aman to Jeddah and from Jeddah to Mumbai/Delhi. The luggage of 20 kgs and for a child the luggage of 10 kgs would be taken free of charge.

2) Haj Visa, Iran visa, Jordan visa inclusive all the charges for them, medical fitness fees for Iraq visa and expenses for visa of Syria.

3) The fees of Muallim at Makka Muazzama and Madina Munawwara, Vukla ul Muhaid and Muktabdul Adila and the services of Zam zam, the charges of tents in Arafat, fees of Mjavirs at Iraq and fire proof and air proof tents at Mina.

4) Transportation for coming from Jeddah to Madina-Munawwara and Madina Munawara to Makka Muazzama, Makka Muazama to return to Jeddah airport and air condition bus rent for the same.

5) Queen Aliya International Airport (Amman) to Amman city, Amman city to Bagdad and all places of Bagdad, Bagdad to Damishk and all places of Damishk and rental charges of Air condition bus for visit to Amman and labourer charges at Iraq.

6) Syria (Damascus) airport to Damascus city hotel and from air port to hotel and hotel to air port transport charges.

Makka Muazzama, Madina Munawwara, Amman and Syria residing charges:

A room that would be away from Makka Muazzama at around 10-12 minutes of distance having carpet, bed, pillow, at each floor coolers for cold water, facility of lift, 3 phase line room for first class Hajis for air condition in the rooms, bed, lift and flooring.

At the Bagdad double bed in hotel, systematic room but the room shall not have air condition. The rest of the common new age facilities shall be given.

Days Food Charges (Morning Tea And Nasta, Lunch And Dinner And Evening Tea) And The Food Shall Be According To The Menu At The Hotel At Madina Munawara, Bagdad-Amman And Damishk.:!