The Below Mentioned Expenses Are Not Include In the Ticket Expenses:


1) Expenses in relation to journey for reaching and returning from Delhi-Bombay, transport charges, labour charges to colly as well as the expenses for comfortable stay, food and airport journey expenses.

2) Airport tax at the Delhi-Bombay (if applicable) at Rs. 500 and it be noted that the same shall also be applicable also to child of 1 year.

3) Cloth of Ahram, sacrifice and Tawafe Jiyarat charges..

4) TPersonal shopping, laundary, hair cut and all other expenses that are not stated in the above mentioned point number 3.

5) The bus charges that comes to 10 saudi Rihal single sided for each Haji for reaching Makka Muajama and then going to Mina from Makka Muajama.

6) Food expenses for three times 1)food on arriving at Jeedah Airport, 2)one time food for reaching Makka Muajama from Jeedah and 3) one time food while reaching Muzdalfa from Arafat. Muslim Tours and Travels can not supply the food at these three times and the entire expense of this food is not taken in the ticket charges.

7) The Cooli charges for bringing and taking of personal goods for Makka Munnawara and Madina Muazzama.

8) The charges for more than permitted weigh. If the weight of your goods while returning would be more that 30 kgs then the air craft company shall charge according to their rules. But five kgs of Zamzam water and five kgs of hand bag shall be permitted to be carried. At Amman, Jeedah, Mumbai and Delhi the charges for more than permitted weight comes to ____ Saudi Rihal. In this way it is required that you have more money for payment.

9) At Bagdad it is required that for personal expenses 50 American Dollars are deposited in bank and Iraqi Dinar be taken. The same shall have to be taken together with them by the Hajis.

10) Iran Airport Tax, Iraq Border Tax, Jordan Border Tax, Jerusalam Border Tax, Jordan, Aman, Syria (Damaskas) Airport Tax are not a part of the charges.

11) All the above mentioned conditions of our this tour are the same for all the packages and are applicable to all.

12) If you are willing to abide to by the said condition and are willing to be a part of our tour then book yours seats as early as possible. If you do not have an international passport then first of give an application for passport as you will not be able to be a part of the tour without a valid passport.