We are very happy to announce due to your blessing and prayer, in the year of 2011-12 we have done the tour to Hajj for 176 tourist and due to the house near the Haram of madina, tasty food, good facilities and proper work at Mina Arafat we have been granted this certificate by Mosesa Idara's Khadim Moallam Maktab number 75.


Company Profile

Still, there are so many person who would like to create bad image of our firm and they are filling happy for the same. The once who used to be agents of our tour, used to fill forms of VISA and passports for our tour and used be cooks in our firm, used to come as Alim for help are now operating as tour operators, are now competing with us and they do not get any other firms to show rivalry except Muslim Tours and Travels.

Doing so many tour operators have died, some have become bankrupt and the rest that are still standing are of that type who sell their quota of VISA by black market and thus sustain themselves. At present we do not have the VISA quota and thus there is no question of selling it. We ourselves are the buyers of VISAs and are happy while buying the VISAs in low or high rates and even take Hajis in lesser rate than them. Even if they have VISAs their charges are high. They do not want booking of Hajis but they just show off by doing so. This is because the Hajis do not come to them on seeing their high rates while they sell their VISAs and go in groups. They are making lakhs of rupees just by selling their VISAs and thus yesterdays Sallu is now Sulemanbhai of today. They are the once that are honest and the Muslim tours and travels is dishonest.

This is stated as we have suffered a lot specially in the hands of them by deliberately selling the VISAs to Mumbai VISA operators and making our tour stranded, making our group late, strandening of the group in Mumbai/Delhi and because of all these things we came under debts and even our name became worst. Some agents did not wish to go on tour due to their low rate Hajis, while the entire deposit being demanded for the full rate hajis even though charges like publicity charges, travelling charges, office maintenance charges were not paid off and thus they only thought of their own benefit while talking. They not even telling that what did they do with our firm while we were shown as thieves and as once who were in debt. That this very tour agents are the once that are now tour operators. Many agents of our tour from places like Redki, Saharanpur, Banaras, Nagpur, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Delhi, Rajasthan, Indore, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Ratnagiri, Kolhapur, Bangalore, Chennai, Pudukottai, Tamilnadu, Kerala, etc. are at present operating as tour operators. They should think that they should at least refrain from telling us bad if not good as we are the once due to whom today they after having a beard and cap moved around taking tours. We even now take tours and even though have to pay off the debts are very happy.

Get the VISAs they cannot take tours while we even though do not get VISAs are taking tours. They are just selling the rights of Hajis and making profit. It is a shame on them.