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The tour operators who are not departs their tour even after they have received all the money from the respected passengers. This is shamefulness of these type of operators who are playing with emotions of the passengers and cheating them with the name of Allah.

Allah has given the fruit of our services rendered during the entire 42 years. People have done such bad talks for us that our sins like even like that washed. By the Islamic profits rendered by us from this, we have visited nations such as Jerusalam, turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt and Yemen and have also taken our relatives. We have also visited the pious grave of Nabi Karim Sallalaho alaihi Wasallam. We have even been gifted by the right to enter the Kaba and have also performed Namaz inside the Kaba on all the sides. This is profit for us. It is the way to wash of our sins. We used to have one organization but now we have five and all of them are working. We have not created these firms like the other tour operators as if Dummy firms. But they are for our business. This should be noted. Quota of VISAs be for others as it is a type of slavery. It is a sort of work that destroys the entire business of tour operator.

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